Lacnor Milk Full Cream 1ltr
"The lacnor essentials milk full cream is a nutritious upgrade to your breakfast. You can consume it with toast, pancakes or any such foods to enjoy enhanced nutrition. Ingredients Labels: Water, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, approved stabilizers e412...
Alpro Roasted Almond Milk 1L
"It's a little wacky, but it's fun! There are no sweets or sweeteners in this recipe. Almonds, the true divas of the nut world, have only a delicate, creamy flavour. We treat them like royalty, roasting them slowly and tenderly...
Boursin Garlic & Herbs Soft Cheese 80g
Boursin garlic and herb cheese is a delightful soft cheese that gives your cheese board a fresh flavour. Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs has a rich smooth texture that spreads effortlessly onto your favorite cracker, thanks to the addition of...
Philadelphia Light cream cheese 180g
Made with milk and real cream, Philadelphia Light Soft Cheese has the same fresh and creamy taste as Original, but with 40% less fat. Philadelphia is fantastically versatile, whether you are spreading it into wholesome sliced bread topped with sliced...
Rainbow Evaporated Milk Cardamom 160ml
A perfect match for a tea and other dairy recipes. It has all the necessary nutrients in a tin, but with cardamom! Ingredients Labels: Whole Cow'S Milk, Stabiliser. Natural Cardamom Flavour Contains Gluten. Vitamin D3, Totoal Fat Min, Milk Solids...
Almarai Fresh Flavoured Laban - Strawberry 360ml
The goodness of a calcium enriched treat with the sweet tinge of strawberry to give you a creamy, berry flavoured delight. Ingredients Labels: 100% Pure Cow's Milk Nutritional Information : Energy 78.0Kcal, Protein 3.0g, Carbohydrate 14.0g, Of which sugar 14.0g,...
Co Fresh Pineapple Coconut Milk 290ml
A delicious pineapple flavoured coconut milk drink with pieces of nata de coco. Ingredients Labels: Water, coconut water, coconut milk, sugar, nata de coco, sucrose ester of fatty acids (E473), sodium caseinate, pineapple flavour (natural identical flavour), natural colour and...
Rainbow Evaporated Milk Original 160ml
A perfect match for a tea and other dairy recipes. It has all the necessary nutrients in a tin. Ingredients Labels: Whole cow's milk, stabiliser (e339), vitamin d3, totoal fat 8% min, milk solids-non-fat 18% min, milk protein in milk...
Nestle Milk Pak 250ml
When you think of nourishing your loved ones with best quality milk which delivers makhmali, mulaim aur khaalis maza and right nutrition, it is no wonder that Nestle milk Pak Milk comes to mind naturally! Ingredients Labels: Milk solids, stabilizers,...
Almarai Nijoom Chocolate Flavoured Milk 150ml
"Almarai Nijoom Chocolate Flavoured Milk is a delectable treat, produced with high-quality ingredients and is sure to please your children. Ingredients Labels: Water, Milk Solids, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Nature Identical Flavor (Vanilla), Emulsifier, Vegetable Oil Origin (E471), Stabilizers (E412, E407,...
Yakult Skimmed Milk Drink 5x80ml
<p>Yakult is a delicious probiotic drink with a refreshing citrus taste that can be enjoyed by the whole family.   </p> <h5>Ingredients Labels:<br></h5> <p>water, sugar, nonfat milk, glucose, natural flavours, lactobacillus</p> <h5>Nutritional Information :<br></h5> <p>Average nutrional values per 100g: Calories...
Alpro Soya Chilled Drink 1L
"Soya drink with added calcium, iodine and vitamins.a drink packed with high-quality plant protein sourced entirely from our sustainably produced soya. Plus, thanks to yours truly at Alpro, you'll get some extra calcium and vitamins. Going dairy-free does not, however,...
Soyfresh Soya Milk Chocolate 1ltr
High in protein and nutrition, this dairy free milk is enriched with the decadent taste of rich chocolate to make this healthy dairy free milk a treat to consume. Ingredients Labels: Soya bean extract, Water, Sugar cane, Corn oil, Cocoa,...
Elle&Vire Creame Dessert Caramel 100g
The Elle & Vire Caramel Creme Dessert will satisfy your sweet need. It's a great nighttime snack that you can take with you everywhere. Chocolate Creme, Vanilla Creme, and Coffee Creme are three more delectable flavours that come with this...
Almarai Natural Butter - Unsalted 100g
"Almarai's natural butter unsalted from cow's milk gives it an extragavant taste for you to use. Ingredients Labels: Natural butter unsalted from cow's milk Nutritional Information : Per serving: Energy 74kcal; Total Fat 8.0g, of which Saturated 4.0g, Total Carbohydrates...
Almarai Full Cream Yoghurt 500g
"Almarai Fresh Yoghurts are made from 100 percent natural, fresh cow's milk and are high in calcium. They're great for the whole family. Our Almarai Fresh Yoghurt Full Fat 500g retains its complete delightful, tangy flavour, as well as the...
Springs Anar
Springs Zukeni
Puck Real Olives Cream Cheese Spread 200g
"Soft, creamy and simply delicious Puck 100% Natural Soft Cream Cheese Spreads with real olives are a prime choice for everyday breakfast and snacks They combine perfectly with soft breads, crispy toasts and bagels. Ingredients Labels: Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Cream,...
Rich's Topping Whip Gold Label 500g
Liquid non-dairy topping that whips up to four times its volume. Packaged in 2-lb cartons. Ingredients Labels: water, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm, palm kernel, coconut and/or cottonseed), contains less than 2% of the following: carbohydrate gum,...
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