Frico Gouda Mild Slice 150g
"Gouda cheese has been around since 1184, giving Frico plenty of time to perfect the mild taste Ingredients Labels: Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Salt, Microbiological Rennet, Starter Culture. Nutritional Information : Per 100g:Energyinkcal 364kcal ; Carbohydrates 0g Sugar 0g ; Protein...
Frico Original Edam Mild 150g
" Frico Edam Mild Shredded Cheese offer convenient to use to numerous recipes and are ideal as pizza toppings The Nutra vita cheese flake is free of additives and preservatives They are very versatile in their application Ingredients Labels: Cheese...
Frico Selection Cumin Cheese 302gm
"The Frico selection gouda cumin cheese is a spicy twist to your usual cheese. It has a creamy flavor with the earthy spiciness of cumin. You can add this cheese in your burgers, sandwiches, pasta and many more of your...
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